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Personal Care Requirements

Meeting your personal care needs

At Charmes Care, we understand that personal care requirements vary from person to person. Whether you need a little help getting up in the morning and getting safely into bed at the end of the day, assistance preparing your meals or taking your medication, Charmes Care are on hand to help.

Personal Care Provision IOWWhatever your personal care needs, the structure of regular home care visits will provide much needed peace of mind to both you and your relatives that your important daily routines are being accomplished. Whatever your needs are, at Charmes Care we provide sensitively tailored personal care solutions to meet all your requirements.

Help with daily routines

At Charmes Care, we offer help with your daily routines and ensure your intimate personal care needs are met with sensitivity and never rushed. We’re here to help you remain independent, whether it’s helping you with washing showering or bathing, help getting into your clothes or bed.

Our carers are here to help you and meet all your personal needs, including helping you to take medication and ensuring you’re regularly eating healthy meals.

Help attending appointments

Whether you need assistance visiting the doctors or the dentists, or you just need someone to drive you and wait with you, our carers will provide assistance with getting to appointments.

Company and companionship

Our sit-in carers are specially trained to meet your social personal care needs, regularly coming round to have a cup of tea and listen to you. Alternatively, our carers will ensure you keep up contact with your friends, taking you to all your social appointments.

Live-in carers

Sometimes, having a regularly visiting carer isn’t enough. If you need personal care around the clock, our personal care team will ensure you have all the live-in care you need.

Short term personal care while away from home

If you’re visiting the Isle of Wight on holiday, we offer short-term care provision and will directly liaise with your regular care providers to ensure we meet all your needs.

For more information about our personal care provision or to talk to one of our professional carers, email or call 01983 530458 today.