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5 Benefits of Domestic Care Support at Charmes Care

Domestic home care is a great way to maintain your independence as you get older if you’re starting to find daily routines such as washing, dressing and going out a challenge but you don’t want to move into a care home or sheltered accommodation. Whether you need domestic care support gradually over time or suddenly due to illness or injury, the team at Charmes Care are here to help.

Whilst it may be an intimidating prospect, domestic care support offers a number of different benefits, making it a popular option for many older people.

Enjoy your home comforts for longer

Domestic home care can delay or even prevent people needing to enter a care home or sheltered housing. This means you can stay within familiar surroundings where you feel safe and comfortable as well as maintaining your independence.

A greater sense of stability

As you’re staying in your own home, domestic home care makes it far easier to stay in regular contact with your friends and family, as well as taking part in community activities. All these things have a great effect on your health and wellbeing, and can easily be achieved through domestic care tailored to meet your needs.


Domestic care support from Charmes Care is completely flexible and we’ll work with you and your family to arrange a care schedule that meets all your needs. No matter how much help you need, the Charmes Care team will ensure you receive the care you need to live a fulfilling lifestyle.

Agency responsibility

When you choose Chares Care for your domestic home care, we’re responsible for providing you with qualified and highly trained carers who have been vetted to the highest standards. Not only does our rigorous vetting process ensure you receive high quality home care, we’re able to provide cover should your carer be ill or on holiday.


Depending on the level of care you need, domestic home care can be far more affordable than going into a care home, which gives you far more to enjoy and spend on yourself.


For more information about how the domestic home care at Charmes Care can improve your standard of living and help you to maintain your independence, give us a call on 01983 530458 or get in touch online today.